Courts Are Moving To E-Service, Where Does This Leave You?

As Published in The Recorder, October 20, 2014

by Jack Trott, Esq., File & ServeXpress

Jack Trott File & ServeXpress
Jack Trott
File & ServeXpress

Although technology is revolutionizing the legal profession, law firms are known to be late adapters when it comes to deviating from their long tenured and often outdated legal tools and firm systems. Ironically, attorneys quick to embrace the “latest and greatest” technology for personal use are often slow to do the same for their firms’ day-to-day operations.

In particular, technology is playing an ever increasing role in the discovery process i.e. e-discovery.  In addition to streamlining the discovery process for many firms, technology has not only enabled online document storage but also transformed the service process. At one time, physical documents had to be manually delivered. Later, many firms began to serve documents via email. Many still do. Continue reading “Courts Are Moving To E-Service, Where Does This Leave You?”

Understanding E-Filing in California

by Roy Turner, General Sales Manager, File & ServeXpress

Roy Turner

As a former litigator and business development professional focused on state courts, I am always excited to learn about a court’s eagerness to implement a new technology solution. To me, this underscores the fact that the court, contrary to popular belief, is serious about streamlining business processes and providing greater access to justice. I am even more excited when I see a court take extra steps to ensure that its internal and external customers understand the new technology, how it works and how it is beneficial. Continue reading “Understanding E-Filing in California”

Funding Your Court’s E-Filing System – Part 1

by Dean E. Merritt, Esq., Northeast Court Account Manager, File & ServeXpress

File & ServeXpressEncumbered by dwindling staffs and outdated processes, many courts today are finding it difficult to provide the services demanded of them. Technology offers hope for a solution, but with shrinking budgets, funding can be a challenge.

In this two-part series, I will be discussing four ways you can fund your e-Filing system, even if your court, like so many, is faced with financial pressures. Continue reading “Funding Your Court’s E-Filing System – Part 1”