Avoiding Ethical Issues When Filing and Serving Documents

As published in The Recorder, November 3, 2014

by Alicia Queen, Attorney at Law, File & ServeXpress

Alicia Queen File & ServeXpress
Alicia Queen
File & ServeXpress

Traditionally, the legal profession is slow to adapt to technology changes. Over the past 10 years however, many members of our profession began to use technological advancements to help them practice law more efficiently and effectively.

The use of electronic filing (e-Filing) and electronic service (e-Service) is on the rise in California. In 2000, the legislature enacted CCP §1010.6, enabling trial courts throughout the state to adopt local rules providing for e-Filing and e-Service. Continue reading “Avoiding Ethical Issues When Filing and Serving Documents”

Law Firms Use E-Filing To Enhance Productivity And Reduce Risk

As Published in The Recorder, October 6, 2014

by Steven J. Reynolds and Jack Trott, Esq., File & ServeXpress

Steven Reynolds
Steven Reynolds
Jack Trott
Jack Trott

California courts are increasingly implementing e-Filing to improve document exchange efficiency.

E-Filing has been used throughout the country for more than 23 years, but it has not been fully embraced by every firm or court. However, with the increasing cost of paper filing, labor, etc., more and more courts are adopting e-Filing as a solution. In turn, law firms seeking to enhance productivity and reduce costs are increasingly looking to e-Filing for immediate impact. Continue reading “Law Firms Use E-Filing To Enhance Productivity And Reduce Risk”

Are You Wasting Time and Money?

by Keith Foote, Court Account Manager – California Region, File & ServeXpress

I managed law firms for many years, so I am never surprised at the cost of moving paper around. It’s BIG, and there are many different ways in which those costs are incurred. Some costs are recoverable, but many are not. Some costs are more easily recognizable than others. Some costs are borne of habit. Frequently they’re the result of waste and inefficiencies. In any event, they’re expenses that ultimately affect the bottom line. Fortunately, I have an excellent suggestion for eliminating some of your paper costs – e-Filing and e-Service. Continue reading “Are You Wasting Time and Money?”

Understanding E-Filing in California

by Roy Turner, General Sales Manager, File & ServeXpress

Roy Turner

As a former litigator and business development professional focused on state courts, I am always excited to learn about a court’s eagerness to implement a new technology solution. To me, this underscores the fact that the court, contrary to popular belief, is serious about streamlining business processes and providing greater access to justice. I am even more excited when I see a court take extra steps to ensure that its internal and external customers understand the new technology, how it works and how it is beneficial. Continue reading “Understanding E-Filing in California”

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