Understanding E-Filing in California

by Roy Turner, General Sales Manager, File & ServeXpress

Roy Turner

As a former litigator and business development professional focused on state courts, I am always excited to learn about a court’s eagerness to implement a new technology solution. To me, this underscores the fact that the court, contrary to popular belief, is serious about streamlining business processes and providing greater access to justice. I am even more excited when I see a court take extra steps to ensure that its internal and external customers understand the new technology, how it works and how it is beneficial. Continue reading “Understanding E-Filing in California”

Funding Your Court’s E-Filing System – Part 1

by Dean E. Merritt, Esq., Northeast Court Account Manager, File & ServeXpress

File & ServeXpressEncumbered by dwindling staffs and outdated processes, many courts today are finding it difficult to provide the services demanded of them. Technology offers hope for a solution, but with shrinking budgets, funding can be a challenge.

In this two-part series, I will be discussing four ways you can fund your e-Filing system, even if your court, like so many, is faced with financial pressures. Continue reading “Funding Your Court’s E-Filing System – Part 1”