Resources for Legal Professionals and Courts

Training, customer service and knowledge sharing are at the heart of File & ServeXpress, and we are working to bring even more resources to courts and legal professionals around efficiencies, document management and exchange. In addition to this blog, where we will share expert articles twice a month, we also share more in-depth articles and news on our LinkedIn page, through Twitter @fileservexpress and of course our website.

Recently, File & ServeXpress launched its new website as a foundation of service to the legal community. The new website offers quick and easy access to essential information about File & ServeXpress. In addition, the website is part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of information to its current and prospective users – attorneys, legal professionals, judges, clerks, government officials, pro se filers, media, researchers – and the general public. Check out some of our thought leadership pieces for filers and courts.

The website’s user-friendly nature provides visitors and clients with more efficient access to the organization’s resources. Current users can access the File & ServeXpress platform through the website while new users can easily register to unlock the robust features that File & ServeXpress offers.

Thanks for spending your time with us. We hope you find our resources useful. Happy Filing!


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